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Twisted table/stool

Twisted table/stool

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The chair was made from pine tree that felll after the storm. The wood was processed by hands without the use of machines. Moving around Europe in the car in which Touch With Eyes set up their workshop, they guys were able to work "on the fly" in fields and on beaches. The surrounding world with its nature became the main source of inspiration and the basis for work. That is how the idea of taking materials for their projects from the environment sprang up: trees and stumps discarded by the sea, shells on beaches and buoys from fishing nets. All these “treasures” were given a new life, new shape and new function, and the audience got the opportunity to feel the sea and the sun, salt and sand, stones and earth. 

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/ Unique piece
/ Wood, from pine tree that fall down after storm
/ 400x400x450 cm 

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