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MAEDEUP; heart stool

MAEDEUP; heart stool

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<Maeduep; heart stool> is a multi-functional cushion/stool that highlights the Korean traditional knot-making method interpreted into a contemporary design piece by collaborating with a seamstress who worked on beddings for more than 30 years, adhering to the traditional way of making the knots created with sustainable, animal cruelty-free material. Handcrafted, human-sized, an experimental piece using a range of traditional Korean knots (Chrysanthemum knots: prosperity, success/ ring knot: promise, tie), one of the oldest forms of decorative art that communicates through shape. This versatile piece is meant to both adorn and serve as a piece of furniture to rest on. Each piece is carefully handcrafted and tied by skilled artisans. By collaborating with traditional craftsmen deserving of greater recognition, this project embodies the concept of long-term sustainability.

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/ Limited edition 
/ Cotton, pearl cotton
/ Dimensions variable (when tied: 50 x 50 × 42 cm)

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