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Habitacle sculpture

Habitacle sculpture

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After a year of confinement and government-enforced lockdowns across the globe, we, as human beings, experienced first-hand our freedoms and comforts being limited and dictated by a higher authority. Having lived in domestic symbiotic relationships with animals, dictated by the human species for thousands of years – perhaps this can help us contemplate a notion of the lived experience of our beloved pets and other species we live amongst in our day-to-day lives. How much attention do we give to animals’ wellbeing and comfort in our own homes? What benefits do both humans and animals get from these relationships? How do animals build and cater to their own comforts when creating architectures and shelter for themselves in the wild? How does design either foster or disrupt harmonious interactions within an interspecies household?

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/ Unique piece
/ Epoxy resin, epoxy paste, glass, plaster, ceramic, enamel, concrete and stainless steel
/ 45x55x65

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