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Garden House

Garden House

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This year’s project continues our ongoing study on structures in both public and private spaces across different historical periods. Building upon last year’s focus on fountains, which took shape with the inflatable fountain ‘’ECHOES’’ presented at Alcova’s outdoor space, our attention has now shifted to pavilions. Throughout history, pavilions have served various purposes from housing temples and tributes of symbolic importance, to acting as mere eye catching focal points within private gardens often referred as follies. A common characteristic of these follies is their circular shape with a central dome and various ornaments. Drawing inspiration from these forms, reinterpreting them with a focus on clarity while also moving away from traditional materialities led us to create a pavilion of an inflatable dome. Shifting from form to function, our research also delved into modern and contemporary movements as well as current societal needs, informing the design of a versatile space for gathering, interaction and contemplation.

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/ Unique piece
/ PVC, Metal
/ 400x400x475cm

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