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The nonconformist garden - Bowl

The nonconformist garden - Bowl

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The design of the Bowl by Sema Topaloglu is a celebration of her love for nature, for plants, for animals, for life itself that flows in the veins and vessels of all creatures. This product belongs to a collection of several pieces with different colors. Each production is handcrafted and unique therefore might not be exactly the same as the visual. Sema Topaloğlu is a Turkish interior architect and designer who lives and works in Istanbul. She doesn’t feel a particular stylistic reference to local styles, preferring to draw inspiration from her own sensations, often linked to themes of play, passion, and love. And this passion is synthesized in the pieces she creates thanks to her latest blazing love, that for glass.

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/ Unique piece
/ Glass
/ 20 x 22 x 25 cm

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