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Sluggard Waker lamp

Sluggard Waker lamp

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Decker's "Raycast" series, a continuation of the 2.5D Trompe-l'œil works, merges digital 3D renders on aluminum with sculptural elements, blurring the line between real and digital, 2D and 3D. The lamps and vessels go further by incorporating AI-generated textures alongside found images and painted textures, symbolizing the interplay between man and machine. These ethereal humanoid creations symbolize either a guide to the future of artificial intelligence or a foreboding reminder of our impending obsolescence. They signify a powerful transition from the digital realm to the tangible world, provoking contemplation on our relationship with technology.

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/ Unique piece
/ Light scuplture
/ UV print on aluminium, alcrylic and hydrographics on 3d printed pla, lamp parts 
/ 153x67x37 cm

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